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Level Up Your Marine Marketing Strategy in 2022

If a consumer has a pleasant experience on your website, they are that much more likely to follow through to walking in your front door. So as a dealer, how do you ensure that your digital presence reaches a broader audience, creates a user-friendly experience AND cultivates repeat visitors. In this guide, Boatmart covers 7 digital tactics needed to elevate your dealership's online presence and how to create recognizable branding that grows organic online presence. Starting with the basics like online listings, optimizing website and social media performance. Then, delving into SEO, SEM, and retargeting. Finally, the guide talks through KPI’s you need to measure digital marketing effectiveness.

In this guide, dealers will:

  • Learn 7 digital tools to help elevate their online presence

  • Gain insight into what is currently keeping their site from reaching that next level

  • Understand benchmarks to measure the success of campaigns

Boatmart - Level Up Your Marine Marketing Strategy

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