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Selling Electric Boats:

Trends, Benefits, Obstacles, and Tips for Selling

As vehicle manufacturers make the shift to electric units, we can safely assume that overtime consumers will opt for more green options when it comes to recreational vehicles, including boats. Although the full adoption of electric boats is farther out, educating your dealership now on the benefits, and obstacles to selling them can help give you an advantage over the competition. We’ll give dealers an overview of what this new landscape might look like, who the rising names in electric boats are and more. We’ll also share exclusive consumer sentiment on the topic of electric boats, so your dealership can be ready to be the first to offer the latest green technology.

Boatmart - What Dealers Need to Know About Electric Boats

What Dealers Need to Know About Electric Boats aims to give dealers the insights they need to plan for the future of the boating industry, including:

  • An overview of the current landscape of electric boats

  • Current sentiment among boating consumers around the adoption of electric vehicles

  • Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of selling electric boats

  • How to market electric boats to boating enthusiasts

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